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Since 1992 the full range of PANTONE® products are distributed throughout South Africa by Kear who is the Official PANTONE® Master distributor, and has all your PANTONE® Publication requirements, colour charts, formula guides, metallic guides, pastel & neon guides, solid chip and CMYK guides.

PANTONE® is the world-renowned authority on colour. For the past 50 years, PANTONE® has been the provider of colour matching systems and our leading technology is the standard language for accurate communication of colour across a variety of industries.

Cotton Products

Nylon Brights Set

R3,634.00 incl VAT
R8,395.00 incl VAT

Pantone Lifestyle

Umbrella – Large

R828.00 incl VAT
R667.00 incl VAT

Pantone Lifestyle

Cortado Thermo Cup Sets

R1,840.00 incl VAT

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