New Colours, New Possibilities


In 2010, Pantone launched the PANTONE PLUS Series publications – a more modern version of the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM®. Since then, we have added new colours about every two years.

More colours are the single most noted request of Pantone from our design community. We’ve heard you, and why shouldn’t designers want more?

More colors mean:

  • More expression
  • More choices
  • More diversity
  • More precise representation
  • More unique palettes
  • More joy!


Market driven, on-trend, sellable

Now with a total of 1,867 solid PANTONE Colours, imagine the creative and communication possibilities!



Illustrating the present and reading the future, Pantone proudly introduced another 112 new colours in March 2016 to give designers a greater range of expression and freedom. Having the right colours to choose from is essential when making design decisions.

  • Colour commands our attention.
  • Colour is the single most important design element in reflecting mood and style.
  • In today’s visual world, creating the right color palette is more crucial to success than ever before.
  • Consumer reaction to colour, especially in packaging and consumables, is based on proven psychology.
  • Sending a strategic message with a precise colour strategy is critical.

Here’s what can be found inside our updated series of global colour communication tools:

  • A total of 1,867 Solid PANTONE Colours.
  • Colours relevant and expected for contemporary packaging, created in collaboration with major brands.
  • Emphasis on specific colour ranges derived from market requests, our community has asked us for colours and we’re responding to meet those popular requests.
  • 112 new ways to be even more creative, inspired and expressive through colour.


Are You Short On Colour?

Since we launched the PANTONE PLUS SERIES back in 2010, there have been three colour collection additions. Check out the chart below – you would be missing over 750 colours!

New Colour Launch Dates # of Colours Added Total Colours Colours missing from your last guide update
2010 224 1,341 If you haven’t updated in the last 6+ years – you’re missing 756 colours
2012 336 1,677 If you haven’t updated in the last 5 years – you’re missing 532 colours
2014 84 1,755 If you haven’t updated in the last 3 years – you’re missing 196 colours
2016 112 1,867 If you haven’t updated in the last 2 years – you’re missing 112 colours


Colour guides age, which means you aren’t really seeing the colour your designing & referencing Pantone recommends replacing your guide every 12-18 months.

New colours, new possibilities!
Pantone has launched 756 new, market-driven colours since 2010. Check them out!

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